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Albert Kang International Ministries
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Reverend Albert Kang has been in ministry since 1982 and has since planted 16 churches and 3 orphanages. One of his churches grew to over 1,700 in Sunday attendance within six and a half years. He spent six years in Cambodia and launched 3 orphanages. One of these orphanages now serves over 1,000 children.

He is now a Church Growth consultant. He is especially interested in helping pastors of small churches to grow their ministries. He is willing to spend up to three months in a single project and work with the pastor to push the church to greater growth. During the course of his visit, he usually gets the pastor and church leaders to go through an evaluating process known as Force Field Analysis. He has also developed a cell system known as the Delta Cell System, which is more effective than the traditional cell systems.

Reverend Kang also conducts training seminars known as "The Elijah Challenge" (Please see the page on "Elijah Challenge" for more details).

He has written and published Church Growth manuals and books. His latest book is "Tips and Hints on Church Planting". His articles have been published in Christian magazines, health magazines, business journals and websites.

His hobby is writing, drawing and painting. He is a trained artist and has previously exhibited his works at the Singapore National Museum, Singapore National Day Exhibition and World College Exhibition.

Today, he serves as the Pastoral Advisor to churches and Christian organisations in Asia. He is also the Managing Director of Apple Heart Marketing Sdn Bhd, Agora Mobile Marketing and a director of the Organic Alliance Malaysia.

Pastor Kang sharing the Word

Challenging the people to invites seekers

Dedicating a future Disciple of Christ

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