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By the grace of God, we trust that we will achieve our vision

It is our vision of a sanctuary where Gods grace is appropriated so that the people of God can gather to worship God, without inhibition or restriction and to give all glory to God.


It is our vision of a fellowship where all the members will be spiritually empowered, emotionally encouraged and mentally motivated so that they can become the persons that God intends them to be and achieve the objectives of God in their lives.


It is our vision of a haven where the hurting, the hopeless, the discouraged, the depressed, the frustrated and confused can find love, acceptance, guidance and encouragement.


It is our vision of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the thousands of residents in Klang Valley.


It is our vision of thousands of members growing together in spiritual maturity through Cell Ministry, Bible studies, seminars, retreats and fellowship - loving, laughing, and learning together, understanding God's wonderful plan and living life to its greatest potential.


It is our vision of sending trained and anointed missionaries and church workers to other nations around the world and sending out many of our members on short-term mission projects to neighboring countries.


It is our vision of training and facilitating pastors and teachers to plant new churches in different parts of Malaysia and around the world.


It is our vision of owning sufficient acres of land, so as to build the central location for High Praise Ministries. The land will be beautifully landscaped and will have efficient facilities that include a worship center seating thousands, a counseling and prayer center, classrooms for Bible study and training ministers, and family recreational facilities.